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Monday, August 20, 2012

We hit the city all by ourselves...

B and I recently trekked into the city last Thursday to meet hubby at his company annual family fun picnic event in Central Park West. Initially, I had some level of anxiety because this was my first time taking B into the city all by myself. This was a new experience for the both of us and being from Florida I didn't have to worry about public transportation because I had the liberty to drive wherever without the hassle of lugging a stroller, bumping into people, and no temper tantrums. Usually when I go into the city it's with hubby and he is there to assist me with B when he's having a temper tantrum because he refuses to get off the train, or when there are no elevators and he carries the stroller up or down the steps. However, because my hubby was so excited about this event I made the commitment to get there....despite the fact that I had to do these things alone. However, I thank God for B's travel companion, Thomas the train because it helped him to behave on the train and we were able to avoid a meltdown.

When we finally met up with hubby he asked me how did it go trekking into the city alone with a child and I told him it wasn't bad at all. Now, he wants me to meet up with him so we can chill in the city when he gets off of work. We'll see about that! Anyways, B was excited to see daddy and he had a great time playing and interacting with the other children. There was a face painter and clown at the picnic and B did really well not being afraid of clowns. We enjoyed good barbeque from Dinosaur BBQ and after the picnic we strolled around the park and the city.

Since I survived the trip and managed to avoid a meltdown from a toddler....I may give it another try! It may not go as smoothly as this trip, but we will see.  I saw so many women with their children in strollers or walking hand in hand getting on and off the subways. Heck, there are children traveling alone on the subways....but, that will not be my child! I said to myself that there is no reason why I can't do this alone and sometimes meet the hubby in the city when this everyday life for a New Yorker.  I'll keep you all posted on the next adventure into the city with a toddler.


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