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Hello, I'm a wife, mother, and an entrepreneur. My family and I recently moved to Jersey City from Florida. I will share with you the lifestyles of the Robinson's from changing diapers, to cooking, to getting my business off the ground, and our adventures of exploring the northeast.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'M BACK!! (Shouty Capitals)

Well, it feels good to be back to blogging! I unknowingly took a hiatus to indulge in my favorite pastime of reading. I know that you all have heard the hype of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. I read the book as part of a book club meet up that I attended and I was not disappointed at all. Everyone has their opinions on this book about the BDSM, but don't let it stop you. There is really more to this book besides the sexual material.  However, once I finished Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy I continued reading several other books, which I will share with you all at a later date. I hope to catch with you all soon.


  1. I loved it too! I agree that a lot of ppl got caught up on the sex part of the book. And others said they were disappointed because she didn't fill it with metaphoric language and all that other stuff, but I for one enjoyed reading a book that was in plain English. I loved not having to decipher metaphors or similes. Not to mention, James is a British writer and her style is a bit different from our American counterparts.

    Welcome Back btw!

    1. Thanks for the welcome back! :)

      I too appreciate the fact that she wrote the book in plain English and I like her style of writing. It made for a quick and easy read for me and I'm not sure why others would be disappointed with that.....to each his own! I enjoyed the books so much that I've read it again. I'm out of control!