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Hello, I'm a wife, mother, and an entrepreneur. My family and I recently moved to Jersey City from Florida. I will share with you the lifestyles of the Robinson's from changing diapers, to cooking, to getting my business off the ground, and our adventures of exploring the northeast.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer, Summer, Summer time!

Today is the first day of summer!

It is going to be close to 100 degrees here in Jersey City! I am definitely used to the heat since we are from Florida, but when its hotter here than in Florida I find that to be a problem. I hope mother nature finds a way to cool us off soon.

This is our first summer in Jersey City and I am so excited to see what the city has to offer during this time of year. I hear that New York has a lot of FREE outdoor summer concerts in Central Park and we want to really take advantage of these types of events. Since, there are no close beaches nearby we will be visiting local parks with water/splash areas. This will allow our son to get out and have fun while cooling off during these hot summer months that we are going to encounter.

The summer also means that we get to travel to Florida for our family reunion in July and Jamaica following in August. We have never been to Jamaica and I am extremely excited to be going for a week to an all inclusive resort.

Stay tuned to see how our summer is going!

Let me know what your plans are for the summer.



  1. We signed up for the reading program at our local library. So, we'll spend most of our time there. We're also part of a local playgroup and are looking forward to some nice fun playdates.

    1. That sounds cool! I need to check out our local library to see what they are offering for the summer.