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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fall is quickly approaching...

This is the season that I really love because I am a College football fan and being from Florida my husband and I are University of Miami Hurricanes, Florida A & M University Rattlers, and The Florida State University Seminole fans. Every year we gear up to participate in FAMU's homecoming festivities and The Florida Classic game that takes place in Orlando, Florida.  I love the unity that the fall season brings.....we get together with our family and friends having a great time tailgating, watching football and participating in the activities. I remember as a young girl on Saturday's I used to watch BET's black college football games and couldn't wait to go to College to enjoy the times.

However, this fall season will be a bit different for us because we are not in Florida, but we are planning on making the best of it by searching for fun cool things for us to do here in Jersey City/NYC. I am sure that we will not be disappointed by what the cities has to offer. But, before we move on to the fall season my family and I enjoyed our summer here in our new city.  

This weekend we had a chance to visit the New York Botanical Gardens located in Brooklyn. The Botanical Garden is so beautiful and a serene place to visit. Also, its a great place to visit on a budget. The normal admission for an adult is $10, however, our admission was free because we made it before 12 pm on Saturday. That was definitely a plus and it made our visit more memorable. After our visit we strolled around Brooklyn and I fell in love with the beautiful Brownstones and just Brooklyn itself. It was my first time visiting Brooklyn and I enjoyed my time...there is so much culture and diversity. Oh, we had a chance to see a glimpse of the children participate in the Brooklyn West Indian American Day Parade. Apparently, this parade happens every year and the there is a week long calendar of events that takes place. Next year we hope to make it to the parade. On Monday, we attended our church first annual family day picnic and we had such a great time. We spent hours at the picnic enjoying good food, kite flying, playing volleyball, the men playing flag football, the kids participating in sack races and a lot more. This was a perfect way to end our long weekend and summer. 

Pics of children performing at Parade

Pics from NYBG

Pics from Church Picnic

Kite Flying at Church picnic

As the summer is coming to a close...I would love to hear what you are most looking forward to in the fall?

I hope you all had a great weekend and summer!

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