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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Settling into our new city!

That’s actually a good thing because that means we are keeping ourselves busy and touring North Jersey and New York City. Also, we found a church that we really enjoy and the Pastors and the congregation are very friendly and helpful. I have become more involved in this church and been offering my time to volunteer and help out wherever I can, which leads me to tell you all about the upcoming Easter play this weekend. It is a Fairy Tale Easter play and we take you on a journey into this mysterious world where you see an epic battle between good and evil….it is going to be an awesome production. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that yours truly has a part in the play as weeping beauty’s sister and I am excited to be a part of this life changing experience.

So, two weeks ago I was out with the women of the church to pass out door hangers to invite the community to the play. We had a great time fellowshipping with one another as we walked around Jersey City hanging the hangers and getting to know one another. After our trek around the city we decided to have dinner because we were starving after pounding the pavement as hard as we did. I must say that I was happy to get out and be in the company of other awesome women. I have not participated in a girl’s night out (since our move here in October 2011).  I was out from 7-11:30 pm and that was waaayyyy past by my bedtime and YES I did miss my hubby and baby and was wondering what they were doing without me, but at the same time I was happy to have some much needed girl time away from my boys. I am super excited for the next girls night out…..whenever that is.

S/N, I was EXHAUSTED when I woke up the next morning from the walk around the city and being out soooo late, but it was well WORTH it!! J

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  1. So glad you met some cool chicks! I however, am jealous because I miss you and wish we could have a girl's night. Get it Stephanie!