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Friday, April 13, 2012

Time for Me

When our family moved to New Jersey from Florida in October of last year, my husband and I knew that this would be a challenge for us because we are in a new city without family or friends. I knew that I would have to get out of my comfort zone and learn a whole new world and find activities for my son and I to get involved in.  So, I decided to join a local moms' group to allow Brandon to participate in play dates and to develop his social skills. This group has been a lifesaver because we are always out and about doing something and learning Jersey City. However, I realized after reading YUMMommy post here that I have really been neglecting myself by only focusing on getting Brandon involved. I love being with my son and watching him grow and explore the world, but I have to remember about ME. 

Through the local moms’ group I learned about The JerseyBeans, which is a home-based drop-in center. I enrolled Brandon over the winter session to allow me time to clean up around the house, grocery shop, and attending medical appointments. However, I realized that I was still neglecting ME. So, I decided to enroll Brandon for the spring session where he will attend two days a week for three hours and I made the decision to take full advantage of doing something for Me….like working out, having a much needed mani/pedi, massage, or going to the movie theater alone.

As a stay at home mom I think we all need to find ways to focus on ourselves and not lose our identity. How do you find time for yourself?

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