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Thursday, July 5, 2012

The fourth recap!

I hope everyone enjoyed their mid week fourth of July holiday!

We had a great day and the weather was cooperative....thank God! Our day started out with us sleeping in which was much needed for all of us. Once we woke up, we decided to go to the store to get a couple of items for our mini barbeque. So, we thought we had everything....but guess what?! Yes, we FORGOT to purchase a small grill. Anyways, I improvised because I refused to go back out to the grocery store and I baked the chicken and then coated it with BBQ sauce and let it broil a bit to give it some color. I made some side dishes to go along with the chicken. The hubby and child were very satisfied with the meal and they both had full tummies. After dinner we went joyriding around town and went to Liberty State Park to just stroll around. There were tons of people in site preparing to watch the fireworks show. The park is very beautiful, however, we decided to leave after a while because we wanted to get a better view of the fireworks show nearby our apartment and really didn't want to fight with traffic getting out of the park.

This was our first time viewing the NYC Macy's fourth of July fireworks show. It was held over the Hudson River and parts of NYC and New Jersey were able to view this show. Luckily, we live in Jersey City which is very close to Hudson and we walked down to the boardwalk and posted up until the show began around 9:20 pm. This was way past B's bedtime, but he hung in there for a while!

Below are some pics of how we enjoyed our time until the fireworks started:

Our view of the WTFC

Statue of Liberty at Liberty State Park

Daddy & B

I had to get a self portrait 
B is the ladies man

Caught  B jumping around 
B and another new friend

I need to watch him

Colgate clock

Alas, the show begins

At this point we had to leave because B wasn't haven't it and the pics below came out blurry 

We were so tired after the show that we all slept like babies! LOL!


  1. Just found your blog..looks like a
    Great family outing..little
    Man is too cute!!

  2. Thank you for stopping by! We had a great time!