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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Life has taken over...

This past weekend and week has really gone by quick for me. We have been so busy that I haven't really had a chance to sit down and catch my breath until now. However, I am excited because tomorrow we are flying out to Florida for a (mini vacay) my hubby's family reunion. We'll be able to get a break from little man because his grandparent's are going to be happy to see him, which means we have babysitters on deck!

Speaking of little man we had a scare with him over the weekend. B was bitten by an insect on Saturday on his wrist and it caused an allergic reaction, which made his hand and arm swell up. I was so freaked out because his arm looked deformed. Thank you Lord that his pediatrician has several offices around the city because I despise ER'. The office that was opened on a Saturday was in Tribeca in NYC and we quickly rushed over and he was seen. The pediatrician said that it appeared that he was bitten by an spider and she gave us somethings to look out for and to follow-up on Monday to ensure that the swelling went down. One of the reasons why I am really tired is because I came home after B's appointment to search for the darn critter that bit him. I cleaned my house again, but this was a deep thorough cleaning to make sure that whatever insect bit him was taken out with a vengeance and it wouldn't return again.  Well, B is doing great today and the swelling has gone down a lot and where he was bit is healing really well. However, I am definitely on critter patrol!

Well, I guess I need to start trying to pack for our trip. I really dislike packing, but its for a good cause.....it's for my sanity. I NEED A BREAK!


P.S. Enjoy the remainder of your week and have a good weekend.

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